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Robotech - Zor Prime carded figure from the 1980s

Here we have a Robotech carded figure of Zor Prime  Robotech Masters Enemy. Robotech was an anime science fiction television series consisting of 85 episodes, which was made in Japan from 1982-1984.This figure was made by Harmony Gold and is still on its original card. The figure and weapon are in mint condition, although the card has some age wear,creasing and dents to the bubble as you will see from the photos.

Zor Prime is a classic example of the unpredictability of the Robotech cloning process. Created by the Robotech Masters from genes of the original Zor, the father of Robotech, Zor Prime is the last hope of the desperate Robotech Hierarchy to regain the secrets of Robotechnology and the production of protoculture which the original Zor took with him "to the grave." The plan backfires as Zor Prime becomes obsessed with destroying the entire Robotech Masters' society. 
Robotech - Zor Prime carded figure from the 1980s

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