Robotech Figures

Robotech is a science fiction anim television series which consists of 85 episodes. The series was made in Japan from 1982-1984 and was produced by Harmony Gold USA in association with Tatsunoko Productions Co. Ltd.  The action figures are 3 3/4 inches in size and are mounted onto a card. There are many Robotech Characters to collect, which are the Robotech defence force good guys including Rick Hunter, Scott Bernard, Lisa Hayes, Dana Sterling, Rand, Roy Fokker, Lunk, Max Sterling, Lynn Minmei, Rook Bartley and Miriya. Also, there are the enemies to collect such as, the Robotech Master, Micronzed Zentraedi, Bioroid Terminator Corg, Zor Prime, Breetai, Exedore Khyron, Dolza, Armoured Zentraedi warrior.